ARP 026 - Beretta ARX100

Welcome to episode #26 of the AR15 Podcast.  I’m your host Steve from Gun Guy Radio riding solo this episode. This is THEE podcast about your favorite black rifle! This show is for you; whether you're building your first AR or you’ve been building ARs for years. There’s something we can all do to take our black rifle to the next level.

Coming to you shortly after this most recent memorial day.  I hope you enjoyed your day and spent it remembering those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for this country in your own special way.  A special remembrance for Special Agents Lee Hitchcock, Raymond Round, Rick Ulbright, Daniel Kuhlmeier, Ryan Balmer, Matthew Kuglics, David Wieger, Nathan Schuldheiss, Thomas Crowell, and MSgt. Tara Brown, all who paid the ultimate sacrifice during overseas combat operations.

AR-15 Product of the Week: now the AR15 training tip of the week:

This week’s tip has to do with reloading.  Reload with only one hand, bring the muzzle of your rifle up slightly and cant the rifle to a 45 degree angle in a clockwise direction.  Use your non-dominant hand to load your new magazine.

Main Topic:

The Beretta ARX100

- Piston operated- Ambidextrious controls and operation (case ejection can be switched to left or right with the push of a button) - Tool-free barrel removal by pushing on 2 tabs on either side of the receiver, and barrel slips out for change of caliber or long/short barrel (5.56 and 300 blackout) - Accepts AR mags - Telescopic folding stock - No pins and can be disassembled without tools - Charging handle can be easily moved to either side - 3 magazine release buttons - Spring loaded popup sights, somewhat similar to the MagPul MBUS sights - MSRP is around $2,000 which is fairly steep when compared to an AR - Designed after the ARX160 which is a select fire model available to military and LE (Italian Army allegedly currently using it) - Gun is touted to be lubricant free except for the metal on metal contact points of the bolt

Listener Feedback:

Zach had a question about reducing felt recoil with a new buffer and/or muzzle brake or compensator.

Michael commented that he realized he was able to upgrade his AR15 without the help of a gunsmith just by listening to the podcast.

Manny had a question about barrels that we are going to answer next week when Reed is back for the show.