ARP 025 - Trijicon VCOG


Reed and Steve talk about the upcoming new Trijicon VCOG and tackle some great listener feedback. Welcome to episode #25 of the AR15 Podcast.  I’m Reed Snyder with my special Co-host Steve, from Gun Guy Radio. This is THEE podcast about your favorite black rifle! This show is for you; whether you're building your first AR or you’ve been building ARs for years. There’s something we can all do to take our black rifle to the next level.

AR-15 Product of the Week:

K9 Barricade Support 5.56

Noveske Assault Hammer

Main Topic:

Trijicon VCOG

How we are giving the AR-15 Build

Listener Feedback:

Tim from Arizona:  Hey Guys, I really enjoy your podcast and I catch every episode. You asked for suggestions for AR15 manufactures to interview on quality of the products, barrels, etc. I currently have my evil black rifle on order from Larue Tactical, 16 inch predatAR. Looks like based on demand it will be about another 12 months before I get the rifle, but in my research on buying a complete rifle, being newer to the AR world I thought this might be the best way to go initially. My decision came down to Larue Tactical or Daniel Defense, and I decided on Larue Tactical in the end.

Can you discuss what you see as pluses for each of these companies products ? and If you can interview the Larue company that would be of interest to me.  Did you see them at the NRA show?, I did not hear them mentioned, they seem like a great company, and from Jakes future home state of Texas.

Also, a suggestion for a future show as I am now considering optics for this rifle, looking at Aimpoint PRO and some others in the Aimpoint family. I would prefer an optic that supports 200YD or less engagements typically, also would appreciate your opinion on the red dot sights vs Holographic sights vs traditional hunting sights that one might consider for these rifles. I will use mine for range practice and home defense primarily, I don’t necessarily plan go hunt with it.

Best to you all, and really appreciate all the shows on the Firearms radio network….

Anthony: Hey guys I'm looking into getting my first AR and decided I would like to go with a 3 gun build. There are two out of the box 3 gun AR's that have got my attention, Rock Rivers new R3 and Stag Arms 3G. Everyone in my family loves and uses Rock River,

but lately I have been reading on the Internet that they are mediocre at best and Stag has a better product. I am hesitant to make a choice because I have shot Rock River and like them but never laid a hand on Stag. Do you guys have any experience with one or the other and what are your thoughts?

Thank you,

Glenn:  Howdy from the Gun loving state of Oklahoma! Love the show love and have been listening since the day it launched. I must say I am impressed with the continuing emphasis on improving your subject matter and content. I purchased my first EBR last December and have used the content you provide  to make a variety of decisions when it comes to accessories and furniture choices that I have equipped on my EBR. I live in southwest Oklahoma and shoot a few hundred rounds per week. I would love for you guys to make the 2.5hr trip North (sw of lawton)  for some shooting and perhaps some varmint control. Thousands of acres including a range with marked yardage, cover, modern luxuries, and accommodations to boot.

Eric: Hey guys love the show you guys always keep me entertained and informed! As for the Shooting Range I posted pictures of on Flickr were of a local range here in Northern California or Commifornia to some. The Range is located in Ukiah, CA on Cow Mountain ( gps coordinates are 39° 7'57.54"N - 123° 6'6.37"W. Its a beautiful range but you do need a 4x4 to get out there and usually you can get the range all to yourself during the week. Bring your own targets and you might want to bring your own frame as well and as you can tell by the photo it goes on for a long way! Also if anyone does make it out there do your part and take some trash out with you.

Ronnie, From Cincinnati: Re: AR-15 manufacturers to bring on and discuss.  Bravo Company and Smith and Wesson.

Special Listener Giveaway

Brad: Hey Jake,

I have a brand new (with tag still attached) Condor Compact Plate Carrier in Coyote Tan that I would like to donate for a giveaway.  I purchased this and the next day found one that works better for my kit. I wanted to see if this would be of any use for a giveaway or something.

Thanks man!

Email a picture of you in your dirty gear to enter.

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