ARP 014 - Let's hear some feedback


Reed and Jake tackle the backlog of great listener feedback on this weeks AR-15 Podcast.

Welcome to episode 14 of the AR15 Podcast. I’m your host Jake Challand with Co-host Reed Snyder. This is THEE podcast about youuurrrr favorite black rifle! This show is for you; whether you're building your first AR or you’ve been building ARs for years. There’s something we can all do to take our black rifle to the next level.

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Listener Feedback:

Rene: Hi am from Canada and just wanted to say I really like the show. I am just trying to get caught up on all the episodes. I listen to the ar-15 podcast also they are all great. I just finished my first ar-15 it is a aero precision lower with a Vltor upper 11.5” barrel YHM diamond carbine for grip and a Alberta tactical muzzle brake. I am so looking forward to shooting it. I just wanted to know if you guys have used or tried Frog lube and what do you think of it with your firearms? Thx for the good podcasts and keep up the good work.

Jordan: Just want to say I love all of the podcasts and appreciate what you guys are doing for the firearms community. Trying to catch all the way up when I have free time.

I do have a question for the AR15 podcast that I do not believe has been covered yet.

--- \"What is the best type of optics or sights available for an AR with the front blade sight?\" I don\'t know if I need a mounting system or what, not to mention I am not trying to break the bank.


Calvin: I thought I would make a comment about the Surefire 60 round mag, as I have one. I have been underwhelmed but its performance. It tends to jam easily after 10-15 rounds. I tried it out at a local 3 gun match and put it away after 2 stages. A fellow shooter was having the same problems and reported that he had loaded it with different numbers of rounds and found that it worked well if it was down loaded to 25 rounds. On another occasion he dropped a full magazine and every round was ejected in a magnificent reverse waterfall of lead and brass.

I\'m enjoying the podcast every week. I have built a complete lower with all Spike\'s Tactical parts including the lower, buffer and buffer tube, it has a Chip McCormick drop in trigger. Runs like a dream. I have also built a complete rifle with an RGuns nickel-boron upper and lower. The trigger group plus bolt and bolt carrier are also nickel-boron coated. After 200+ rounds clean up is a simple wipe down with a cloth, every bit of carbon wipes off that easily. Waiting for the videos,

David: Got a question and hoping you and the crew can help. My father has a Colt Match Target AR chambered in 7.62x39 that he would like to give to me. Great right? Only, here\'s the issue: He lives in Arizona and I live in California and unfortunately, ALL Colt Match Target models are on the CA Assault Weapons Banned List. Don\'t worry, I\'ll say it for you, \"that\'s bullshit\". So, in an effort to make this a \"legal\" AR, I\'ve been told that by swapping out the lower for one that is \"off list\" this will solve my problem. Except that, I\'m a total newbie when it comes to AR\'s and I\'m not sure how to move forward.

For example: If I bought a stripped lower, do I just use the LPK from the Colt? I know I would have to add a \"bullet button\", but other than that, is it that simple? Any precautions to take into consideration?

Also, are there any lowers that you might suggest I look into for the Colt?

Eric: Hey guys, love your shows they are very informative! I\'m doing my first build a lightweight AR15 .223/5.56 for home defense and also to take to the range, and as we know parts are not cheap and that\'s even if you can find any. At this point I have completed the lower half of my build. For my lower I went with a Red Jacket Lower Receiver, with Magpul Pistol Grip and Magpul trigger guard and PSA lower parts kit. I also went with a Spikes Tactical Milspec Buffer tube with ST-T2 Buffer and a Milspec Magpul CTR Butt stock. Now I am trying to focus on my upper and was hoping to get some feedback or recommendations from you guys. I was thinking of getting a flattop upper with M4 feed ramps, Milspec BCG, 16\" chrome lined +1/7 barrel (preferably fluted), mid-length gas tube, low profile gas block, and a 12\" free floating quad rail to hide the gas block completely. Any recommendations on makers or specific parts models would be great. Also any feedback on my lower setup positive or negative?

Brad in Dallas, TX - I've got a question for the AR15 podcast regarding conversion kits. I recently purchased a Ciener .22 LR conversion kit for my AR15 carbine. This past weekend was the first time I've used it and I was kind of reluctant to accept the idea of it, as it seemed to good to be true, given the current .223 ammo crisis.

After firing a few .223's to zero my new BUIS, I popped in the conversion kit and shot about 100 rounds of .22 LR Remington Thunderbolt. Everything went off like a charm. No FTF whatsoever with a new Black Dog BDXM 15 round magazine. Out to 100 yards (which is the max at this particular indoor range in Garland, Texas) shot great and was fairly accurate compared the .223. After shooting a hundred or so of the .22 LR, I went ahead and fired off another mag of .223 just to clean everything out considering that the .22 LR is direct blow back.

I've heard a lot of mixed feedback however. Some have said that you shouldn't use conversion kits as the 1x9 barrel twist isn't good for .22 LR and can ruin your barrel. Is this the case? Is there any other damage that using a conversion kit could cause to my upper? If so, would you recommend buying a dedicated upper or even a dedicated Tactical .22, which would be much cheaper anyway. Or am I good to go with my new conversion kit.

Richard Jenson: Hi, Jake -- I don't remember if you've mentioned having listened to Canadian Reload Radio. One of the hosts -- Matthew McClatchey (sp?) is going to build an AR from parts listeners have been sending to him. (there is an article showing who has sent what and what is still needed). Maybe you could chat with Matthew about his build project and the difference in laws about ARs in the US and Canada. (I think I heard he's planning on a 12.5" barrel--they don't have the same restrictions we do).

Ronnie C from Cincinnati: I think your format of novice and experienced AR15 user is very helpful. I am new to ARs and I really appreciate your show. The length of the program is about righttoo. Please consider a show discussing reasons people shoot the MSR. Another good show topic would be brands of ARs, good value makers and high end makers.

Thanks for the great show. FYI, politics will determine our continued freedom to enjoy our firearms, like it or not. Contact your elected officials. My first AR15 is a M&P 15 Sport.

Josh from Dallas: Jake and Reed, Just heard Reed say he had a box if iron sights that didn\'t work for him. I live in Dallas, and work in West Plano (Angelika Film Center) and was wondering if Reed and would like to sell a set. I have a flat top with a crumy Jap-made reflex sight and would love to buy a set from him. I\'m not really a huge fan of optics unless they are pretty high-end and would love a decent set of irons so I can trash that reflex.

I need a rear regular picatinny rear and a gas block mount front. Not picky, and VERY new to ARs so most anything would do. Reed, if you can find something you would like to watch, I\'ll be happy to throw in some free movies at my location at The Shops at Legacy or or Mockingbird Station location in Dallas. We show mostly independent films but definately get some good stuff here and there.

Let me know if anything would work. You are welcome to come watch a movie even if you don\'t sell me any sights. I would be honored. Steve is welcome too since he\'s local as well.

Giving away AAC Blackout t-shirts

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