ARP 011 - AR-15 Barrel Choices, Options, Accessories


Reid and Jake discuss the vast variety of options available for choosing your AR-15 Barrel.  

Intro: Welcome to episode #11 of the AR15 Podcast. I’m your host Jake Challand with my Intrepid Co-host Reed Snyder. This is THEE podcast about youuurrrr favorite black rifle! This show is for you; whether you're building your first AR or you’ve been building ARs for years. There’s something we can all do to take our black rifle to the next level. AR-15 Product of the Week: B5 Systems Enhanced SOPMOD Stock Main Topic: Entry Level

  • Steel
    • Mil-Spec 11595E
    • 4150 (CM)
    • 4140
    • Stainless
    • Manufacture

    • Hammer forged- Armalon Barrel ForgeCold Hammer Forged
    • Button Rifling
    • Cut Rifling
    • Coating
      • Chrome
      • Melonite
      • Nitriding
      • Barrel Length
        • Carbine
        • 18”
        • Rifle
        • Varmint
        • Gas System lengths
          • Carbine-length
          • Mid-length
          • Rifle-length
          • Barrel Profile
            • Light
            • Government
            • Medium
            • Heavy
            • Bull
            • Fluted


  • Flash hider
  • Compensator
  • Silencer
  • Golf ball launcher?

Building ARs on the video blog: Listener Feedback: AJ:  Drum magazines for AR style riffles and Glock pistols have a hard time feeding as compared to the tommy gun drums because of the feed arrangement.  Tommie gun mags feed directly onto the chamber area, compared to AR and Glock drums that have to transittion between drum and box as the AR an pistol mags were designed for box type. Add to the fact tommy drums are single stack not double. Lane: Just finished my first 2013 build, and my first 22lr AR15. I am short one part, the magazine catch button, I used a 10-32 nut until the final part arrives. I got lucky on the lower housing, walked into my local gunsmith / shop the day he had (2) lowers arrive. I had a few parts already in house before the rush after the CT shootings, and it took parts from 4 suppliers to finish the build. Aaron:  First off, thanks for the great podcast! I am relatively new to the AR game but I enjoy listening to your podcasts to get more ideas for my Daniel Defense M4 and my wife\'s colt. I just listened to the podcast about magazines and I wanted to make some comments about what you guys said about the Surefire 60 and 100 rd mags. First let me start out as saying I have no military training, I am not LE and i have never used one of these Surefire mags, these are just thoughts I have from reading about this product. When you guys talked about these it sounded like you guys were saying that these Surefire mags would be taking the place of the normal 30 rd mags that one would carry, but from my understanding that is not what they were designed for. It sounds like to me the Surefire mags were designed to be your first mag that was lock and loaded into your gun while you still had the 30 rounders in your kit. Surefire\'s theory was that the first 30 or so seconds in a firefight were the most crucial to winning and having those 100 rd (military) or 60 rd (LE) would allow you to send more lead downrange to help tip the tide in your favor. I am no expert and this is just my opinion and I wonder what you guys\' thoughts were. I appreciate how you guys encourage this listener feedback, it is always great to hear everyone\'s opinions. Keep up the good work, I look forward to your podcast every week. Jeremy: While building, I didn't have my normal setup (I wasn't using a vice with a mag block).  During the installation of the bolt catch roll-pin, I saw how "malleable" the billet was--I put a noticeable "ding" on the raised magwell part..  So, just another thing to think of/discuss--are all lowers the same?  Is mil-spec here just tolerances?  Or, does it also have a "toughness" factor there. Another issue was that the buffer pin did not fit the hole (I tried several pins).  Now, I have to figure out a way to remove some aluminum! Wisdom:

  • have some "roll pin" punches--very convenient (the set from DPMS @ $100 sux - you can get a cheaper set from Amazon that is 1/2 as cheap although neither have the "roll pin" indentations.) - also, you want some that are long enough to go through the lower with some left over.
  • use tape around the area you're working--stops the dings
  • use a woman's make-up brush (fans out) to apply light layer of gun oil.  Looks like a mini shaving brush.

Lt. Miller USMC: AR15 podcast on magazines, you guys didn't see the real point of the surefire 60 and 100 round casket mags.  while they can certainly be used in a standard AR, I believe these were actually developed for use with the USMCs new Individual Automatic Rifle which will be replacing the SAW in the squad automatic role over the next few years. This is a full-auto (as opposed to burst) heavy barrel HK 416 piston AR that will be use in the suppressive fire role instead of the much heavier M249. Casket mags allow for it to be used for longer periods of suppressive fire without changing mags, while still maintaining magazine interchangeability throughout the rifle platoon. Keep up the good work guys, I seriously can't get enough. Mike alexander:   I am new to the ar world and have not built one yet but thinking about it.but i want to build one for long distance shooting. So what cal. should i use to get maximum accuracy out of my platform. iTunes Review: Outro: