ARP 010 - 7.62x39 Russian Flavored AR-15's

jg762Reed and Jake talk about the Russian alternative to the 223/556 NATO round.  

Welcome to episode #10 of the AR15 Podcast.  I’m your host Jake Challand with Co-host Reed Snyder. This is THEE podcast about youuurrrr favorite black rifle!  This show is for you; whether you're building your first AR or you’ve been building ARs for years.  There’s something we can all do to take our black rifle to the next level.


AR-15 Product of the Week: Geissele Automatics - Super Dynamic Enhanced


Main Topic:  7.62x39 Russian Flavored AR-15's


Armalite - M15 A4 7.62MM X 39 CARBINE, GREEN

Armalite - SPR Mod 1 MID CAR,7.62X39, BLACK

Rock River Arms - LAR-47

Patriot Defense Arms

Ruger - Mini-30


Colt Match Target

MGI - AR-47 Hydra

Lower Receivers:


Brownells Wolf Ammo 7.62X54R 148gr FMJ


7.62x39 123gr. Rifle Defense 20rds.

Zombie Max

Common uses:






Reloading: Lee Pacesetter 3-Die Set, 7.62X39mm

Building ARs on the video blog:coming soon

Listener Feedback:

Kris:  Great podcast Guys!  Like many, I had hoped to get an AR-15 \'one day\'.  And again, like many, I felt spurred by the looming threat of civilian disarmament.  So, over the X-mas holiday, my wife and I purchased 2 complete lowers as gifts to each other.  We did this because 1) the price of complete rifles is ridiculous due to the afore mentioned \'looming threat\', and 2) I really like DIY hobbies. Fortuitously, I found your podcast via Stitcher/Gun Rights Radio Network on your 3rd episode.  I love the content and the relaxed banter-style atmosphere.  It makes me feel as though I am visiting with friends and gleaming knowledge from their experience. In the DIY sense of things, I would love to make our ARs uniquely us.  My wife is still deciding how she would like her build.  I too am deciding many factors.  This brings me to my question for your podcast.  While black is tacti-cool for an EBR, I am interested in custom finishes.  I really like the nickel boron finish offered by the Mega Billet NiB Combo.  With its high cost and extreme unavailability (due to current issues), we bought standard black complete lowers from SOG Armory in Houston, TX.  Your podcast, however, has inspired me and I wish to refinish my lower and future build in my choice of colors.  As a Texas Aggie I would love to finish my AR in a nice two-tone color combo using an anodized Aggie Maroon color for the lower/upper and possibly the handguard/rail and buttstock.  I gather that the current finish on my SOG-15 lower needs to be stripped before I can apply a custom finish.

I am hoping you guys can inform me as to: 1) How to strip the current finish and any gotchas to watch out for 2) Choices in refinishing such as cerakote, anodizing, etc. 3) Considerations in altering the mil-spec dimensions via the refinishing process 4) Performance characteristics of various finishes, specifically how would a refinished anodized lower/upper compare to the Nickel Boron or Teflon finishes on the market --- will I create serious problems by choosing a purely anodized finish over those \'performance\' finishes

Aaron:  First off thanks a lot for the shows that you put on I learn a great deal from them. I was wondering if there was anything wrong with keeping a PMag fully loaded for a long period of time. I have one fully loaded in my home defense rifle and was wondering if I needed to switch mags to make sure I don't damage the integrity of the spring. Any insight you have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for your show and keep up the good work!

Derrick:  Hey guys, love the podcast!  Keep up the good work.  Fairly new to AR\'s but am coming to love the platform.  Got some great training from a former Marine, finally a return on my tax dollars.  Thanks to all those who have served in our military, thank you!  Anyway, looking forward to the home defense podcast as well.  Anyway, I purchased a S&W MP15or, and love it, but am most interested in possible up grades, as well as optics.  Have my eye on the Burris AR-132.  Again, great podcast!

Jason:  I listened to one of the AR-15 podcasts this week (can't remember which one), and I think there was some confusion on which models of the M16 were full auto vs. 3-round burst.  I believe you guys got it right, however I wanted to share an easy way for anyone listening to tell. If its got an A odd number (A1, A3) then it's safe-semi-auto. If it's got an A even number (A2, A4) then it's safe-semi-burst. This goes for the M4 carbine as well. M4 carbine is safe-semi-burst. M4A1 carbine is safe-semi-auto.

Richard - Benbrook, TX:Came across this article at For those who think about building their own AR (especially for the first time) do you recommend (as Nick does) that we buy a complete upper? How about the upgrades to the 'lower parts kit' recommended? Do you have different preferences? How would you choose?

Lane:  You two forgot the most important tip for magazines, number each magazine. I am not as fortunate as you and Reed, and all of mine do not match, but they all have numbers, so when one fails, I know which one to repair. Are you familiar with a “upper tensioning set screw”. I was able to find and buy a lower last week, made by, and it has two unique features, the upper tensioning set screw, and a screw in place of a pin to hold on the bolt catch lever.

john : Love the podcast! It\'s now one of my favorites! I\'ve been thinking about buying a bushmaster carbon 15 97S pistol to build a SBR! Do you guys have any thoughts on AR pistols and/or Short barrel rifles! Also do you know of any advantages or disadvantages of the Carbon black rifles? Thanks for insight and the great podcast!

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